Monroe struts: Monro-Matic-Plus strut

Shocks & struts

The shock absorbers and/or struts in your vehicle dampen the seesawing of your car’s suspension springs and keep your tires bearing down on the road despite bumps. Without them, your car would feel like a “bucking bronco” every time you hit a bump, making for very unsafe driving.

Some of the signs that your shocks or struts need replacing include rolling and swaying of your vehicle during turns, a sinking front end when you brake, bouncing or sideways movement on winding roads, or “bottoming out” with a thump across road bumps. In order to avoid dangerous conditions like these, you should have a technician check your shocks and struts with every oil change.

Monroe air shock

Monroe Shocks and Struts

Monroe is the leading supplier of auto shocks and shocks for trucks (such as Rancho®) to OE (original equipment) manufacturers around the world. Monroe uses advanced engineering and test capabilities to provide product reliability, endurance and performance.