Exhaust systems

J.C.’s Mufflers & Brakes specializes in custom dual exhaust systems and  exhaust enhancements.

Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

Flowmaster: The Exhaust Technology CompanyFlowmaster exhaust systems achieve their distinctive “Flowmaster sound” and peak performance through sophisticated research and engineering. Flowmaster’s product line includes exhaust products for performance street, muscle cars, trucks, street rods, RV’s, motorhomes, and all types of race applications. With over 400 different muffler models, 370+ exhaust systems and numerous exhaust accessories available, Flowmaster offers you the choice of sound to fit your preference from “wild to mild” and your specific vehicle needs. (Watch a video comparison.)

Flowmaster American Thunder Ford Truck LightningFlowmaster 40 Series MufflerFlowmaster Super 40 Muffler

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow Performance ExhaustWhether you drive a street, off-road or diesel truck/SUV, MagnaFlow has dyno-proven  exhaust systems that are rugged enough to survive grueling Baja racing. Each system is designed to bolt right on and provide years of trouble-free performance. Provides a smooth, deep tone that is suitable for grocery-getting SUV’s with casual tow duties to full blown modded drag racing diesel pickups.

Walker Exhaust Systems

Dynomax Performance Exhaust