Bendix brakes, brake pads, caliper and rotor

Brakes and rotors

Do your car brakes make a squealing sound when you use the brake pedal? It’s possible that you need new brake pads.

Are your disc brakes grinding, shuddering, or vibrating? Your brake rotors may need refinishing or replacement.

Obviously, brake repair is one of the most important maintenance items for your safety, the safety of your passengers, and that of everyone else on the road. J.C. Mufflers & Brakes provides expert brakes replacement service for your car or truck, from the brake fluid to the brake lights.

Bendix brake padsBendix brake parts

Bendix brake pads / Bendix brake parts

Through research and development, Bendix has reduced brake problems and enhanced brake performance for over 80 years. J.C.’s Mufflers & Brakes stocks a variety of premium Bendix brake parts, each designed to the highest standards — a line of products thoroughly tested to perform across all vehicle types.