Racine, WI Car radiator repair: Auto radiator repair technician

Auto radiator repair

Your car radiator removes heat generated by the engine. Coolant circulated through the engine absorbs the heat, and is then pushed by the water pump into auto’s radiator where it is cooled — either by rushing air as your car moves, or by the engine’s cooling fan when the auto is stopped or moving slowly.

It is important to have your car’s cooling system periodically flushed to remove debris which could clog the system over time, and the car radiator should be replaced if it develops a leak or no longer dissipates heat properly.

In replacing car radiators, a professional auto mechanic will drain the engine coolant from the car’s radiator and remove the radiator hoses. For some cars, removal of the front bumper and certain engine bay components is also required. The trained car mechanic will also follow special procedures to avoid trapping any air bubbles in the vehicle’s cooling system.

Typically, the car’s thermostat and radiator cap will be replaced along with the radiator, as will any hoses which show signs of age or wear. The new radiator will be filled with fresh coolant, and the entire cooling system inspected.