Monroe_Shocktober_Rebate_ 2015

Special Web Discount

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SAVE UP TO $50.00 on parts

$50.00–$99.00                Save $5.00

$100.00–$249.00          Save $10.00

$250.00–$499.00         Save $25.00

$500 and up                       Save $50.00

Offer expires October 31, 2015

Does not apply to tires and batteries.


Check Engine Light

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                                                                                         Free Check Engine Light Scan

       The check engine light is part of your car’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) system,  regulating such things as engine speed (RPM) fuel mixture, and ignition timing . Pre OBD one could simply disconnect battery to reset computer and have it done with.  However with OBDII you must  communicate with the vehicles computer or scan the system.  To do this a fee of $48.75 is charged.  If the work is done the same day the fee is removed from the invoice


                                                                                                       Expires October 31, 2015


Oil Change Special

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Oil Change Special


 coupon must be presented before services provided

up to (5) quarts  motor oil

   some oil filters may be an extra charge


Expires September 30 , 2015

May only use one coupon per visit